Terms and Conditions

The contents and subscription services on this Mobile Portal are paid by the client and all Bakcell clients can access to this Portal.
On this Portal you can access to the best contents and subscription services anywhere and anytime.
The prices of each product/service are communicated on the download/subscription pages.
Bakcell has the right to include and remove contents and services without informing the clients.
The client can only use the downloaded contents on the device where the download was executed.
Bakcell is not responsible for any download attempt on non compatible devices.
The prices per content are the following:
0,12 AZN / Day on Text Clubs
0,83 AZN / Week on Cib Eylence
Conformity Services: 0,59 AZN
Meaning Services: 0,83 AZN
Wallpapers: 0,59 AZN
Ringtones: 0,59 AZN
Java Games: 1,77 AZN
Applications: 1,77 AZN
Animations: 0,59 AZN
Screensavers: 0,59 AZN
Videos: 0,59 AZN
Themes: 0,59 AZN
Ringbacktones: 1 AZN
If you have any doubt please call to 012 464 88 23.